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&Katherine Michelle

nobody puts Katie in a corner<3

Katie &hearts;
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about me
hi, i'm katie. i'm 15 years old young & i'm a sophomore at MHS. jesus christ is my everything in life <3 as you can probably tell, i'm a proud christian. i'm not afraid to voice my opinion. i hate it when no one is listening to me. my favorite TV shows are LOST, House, Bones, Smallville, Veronica Mars, Degrassi and Supernatural. I will frequently get DVD's from the library :) i'm a total book nerd. i'll finish a book a week at least. acting & singing are my number one passions in life <3 i love to write. i want to be a forensic anthropologist when i'm older. always forgive, never forget. let yourself live, & never regret. I embrace my flaws, they make me who i am. I make mistakes, but I don't live in the past. i can be very random at times. i love to laugh & smile. i laugh for no reason and at stupid things. i'm not perfect. i used to care what other people thought of me, but now i really don't. i'm pretty laidback. really friendly, but can be mean if you piss me off. love me or hate me, i'm still gonna shine.

i'll be adding to this.

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